My experience with Dr Griffiths

Over the course of time I’ll be adding a lot more posts about my own personal hair transplant experiences. In particular I’d like to talk about some of the ones that didn’t go so well as I think that is where other people can really learn a lot and avoid mistakes.

However I wanted to make my first post in which I share my own experiencea bit more positive and light hearted so I’m going to talk about the last hair transplant I did with Dr Griffiths which actually went very well indeed.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Dr Griffiths he is a surgeon based in Spain who is getting a growing reputation for his expertise in the FUE technique. In fact Dr Griffiths has specialized entirely in the FUE method and that is now the only type of transplant which he performs. He does not perform the strip method.

At this point I’d like to show off a little of my (bad) Spanish. Well I did say this was going to be a light hearted post!

Para todos mis amigos españoles me gustaría decir que mi experiencia con Griffiths dr era muy bueno y creo que puedo decir que es el mejor cirujano de trasplante capilar de España. También me gustaría añadir que me encantó el tiempo que pasé en su país. Los españoles son muy amables y me encanta su comida!

Si alguna vez necesito otro trasplante capilar que definitivamente le voy a visitar de nuevo!

Ok that’s enough showing off! Let’s get back to my FUE hair transplant with Dr Griffiths. This was a 1000 follicle session of which I put approximately 200 into my strip scar to try and camouflage it a bit more and the other 800 I added to the top/rear part of my head to add more density.

I should say that both these areas had been transplanted previously. In the case of my strip scar I had already put 200 in on a prior occasion but they didn’t appear to have all grown so this was a second attempt to improve the appearance of that region.

Likwise on the top/rear part of my head (just in front of my crown) I had also had some grafts put there in my previous transplants but again, I wanted to add more density to that area.

I am now more or less 11 months post-op so I’m guessing that by now 95% or more of the growth I am going to get is already there and I’m very happy with the results. My scar has improved greatly and I can now wear my hair shorter than before. I can reduce the length by about one grade on my hair clippers compared to previously.

The other 800 on top have also grown in and the improvement in density is also notable.

In my next post I’ll try and get some pictures up but for now you’ll have to amke do with this (haha I did say this forst post was going to be fun!)

Dr Griffiths

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